Courses Offered

Courses Offered

The admission process begins with the notification issued by the University of Jammu and also by the Department of Higher Education.

Course Combination

Science Stream - Total Seats = 270

Combination Code Subject
S-1 Physics, Chemistry, Maths
S-2 Physics, Maths, Electronics
S-3 Physics, Maths, Statistics
S-4 Physics, Maths, Geography
S-5 Physics, Maths, Geology
S-6 Chemistry, Maths, Geology
S-7 Chemistry, Geology, Geography
S-8 Maths, Geology, Geography
S-9 Physics, Electronic, Computer
S-10 Physics, Computer, Maths
S-11 Electronics, Maths, Computers
S-12 Statistics, Geography, Mathematics

Arts Stream - Total Seats = 450

Combination Code Subject
A-1 Pol. Science, Education, MIL
A-2 Pol. Science, Sanskrit/Persian, MIL
A-3 History, Sanskrit/Persian, Education
A-4 English Literature, History, Philosophy
A-5 Economics, pol.Sc., MIL
A-6 Economics, Pol,Sc., B.Mgt.
A-7 Philosophy, Education, MIL
A-8 History, Pol.Sc., MIL
A-9 Economics, Geography, MIL
A-10 Pol.Sc., History, Sociology
A-11 Maths, Economics, MIL
A-12 Economics, Psychology, Sociology
A-13 History, Sociology, Education
A-14 Sociology, Economics, Statistics
A-15 Philosophy, Pol.Sc., Education
A-16 B.Mgt., M.Mgt., Statistics
A-17 Philosophy,History, Sociology
A-18 Economics, Statistics, Maths
A-19 Economics, Geography, B.Mgt.
A-20 History, Education, English Lit.
A-21 Economics, Geography, Statistics
A-22 Economics, B.Mgt., M.Mgt.,
A-23 Education, Maths, statistics
A-24 Education, Economics, Philosophy
A-25 Education, Economics, MIL
A-26 Education, Geography, MIL
A-27 History, Pol.Sc., Geography
A-28 Pol.Sc., Geography, Sociology
A-29 Geography, Sociology, MIL
A-30 Education, Economics, Functional English
A-31 Education, Economics, Geography
A-32 Music, Psychology, Education
A-33 Music, Psychology, MIL
A-34 Economics, Psychology, Sociology
A-35 Music, Education, Sociology
A-36 Music, Education, MIL
A-37 Music, MIL, OCL
A-38 SKT./Persian, MIL, Music
A-39 SKT./Persian, MIL, Philosophy
A-40 Statistics, Sociology, Psychology
A-41 Statistics, Philosophy, Education
A-42 MIL (Dogri), History, Education
A-43 MIL, Sociology, SKT/Persian
A-44 Functional Eng, Economics, Eng Literature
A-45 Functional Eng, Sociology, Pol.Sc.
  1. M.I.L stands for Modern Indian Languages (Hindu, Urdu, Punjabi and Dogri are offered by the college).
  2. O.C.L stands for Oriental Classical Languages (only Persian and Sanskrit are taught in this college).
  3. Statistics will be alloted only to the students who have studied Mathematics or Business Mathematics in class XII

Subjects Offered in BBA-I

S.No Combination Code Subject
1. BBA-101 Management Perspectives
2. BBA-102 Managerial Skill Development
3. BBA-103 Business Statistics
4. BBA-104 Fundamentals of Accounting
5. BBA-105 Introduction to Computers
6. BBA-106 Managerial Economics
7. BBA-107 Business Ethics
8. BBA-108 A - Seminar Presentation (Success Stories)
B - Report on Industrial Visit (Local & Outside)

Subjects Offered in BCA-I

S.No Combination Code Subject
1. BCA-101 General English
2. BCA-102(A) Mathematic Foundations of Computer Sciences
3. BCA-102(B) System Analysis and Design
4. BCA-103(A) Computer Fundamentals
5. BCA-103(B) Programming in C Language
6. BCA-104(A) Computer Network and Internet Technologies
7. BCA-104(B) DOS, Windows and MS-Office